Recent Update

Blog Hiatus

I'm sorry for suddenly disappearing and becoming inactive on this blog! I've been going through a lot lately (moving to a new house, dealing with a toxic work environment and having to look for a new job, lots of stressful stuff) so I just haven't had the energy to translate or write any reviews. When I get to a better place in my life I'd like to come back and continue where I left off. I'm excited about the new Otomate announcements, Aksys localization announcements (I can't believe they got Pio Fiore...!), and Ken ga Toki maybe being released by the end of the there's a lot of fun stuff to look forward to and I hope I can get to work on some things later! I'm just not sure when that will be. ;w;

Thanks so much to everyone who has left me comments and supported me here! (And I'm sorry if I haven't gotten a chance to reply to you, I still appreciate you!!)

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